My name is Daniel but I usually go by Danny and to some online folks, “Drnken Wookie“. I have 9 years experience as an IT professional and 6 years experience in journalism. I am currently the Senior Editor at GWW. My work has been featured on Complex, Mxdwn and Altwire to name a few. I am have worked with multiple media and PR companies in the past to provide web content for numerous entertainment and news sites. I am based out of Austin, TX and have covered an array of events from Music Festivals to Comic Conventions.

When I am not perfecting my craft by day, I am spending time with my beautiful family as well as picking up new hobbies. 

I enjoy movies of all eras, video games, live music, collecting vinyl records, karaoke, chicken wings, and constantly learning new things..

I’ve been known to rant about old school hip hop, pizza joints, comic books and beers.

Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.

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